Monday, April 26, 2010

Untitled Love Poem

The beauty often lies in the shadows…
where the curves and dips lurk
awaiting the shadows of another

Only in the coolest of shade
such deeply misunderstood trenches are
a bed bred of
warm breath n’
hot sweat
enough passion and sex
to keep the dimming lighthouse
within ya chest
beaming, gleaming and streaming
massaging the nape of your neck
deep tissuing your spinal cortex
surging, cracking and blasting
the thick walls of your tunnel vision mask n’
the same curves and dips are baskin’ in
in the dance of
rays n’ wind
just raise ya hand
…never the left…
Feel me.

cause, I was chillen
alone, numb and cold
in my maximum security snowglobe
Forced to reflect upon walls
of tainted mirrors made of distorted glass
Pictures painting self-portraits portraying crystal ball futures
laden of false pasts…

My solitary snowglobe…

But you,
you helped me bust
through the frosted dome…
(all three of them…ha)

And now the shards of broken glass
reflect spiderglassed glimmers
of memories past
With the sun’s hand reaching down
to wipe away the debris of dust
clouding future’s path
No more are we on the inside looking out
nor merely on the outside looking in
We’re IN our outside
and OUTISDE our in
and when we philosophize and dwell upon
each other’s skin
there’s a loophole in time
and a shift in spatial atmospheric
That when we breathe to each other
we generate….wind
So bold and so transcendent
Sweeping away the still hollow solitudes
of snowglobes within

So put ya right hand up and
Feel his words breathe…
You take my breath away…
I gave it to you willingly.
Let that same breath
be the oxygen that lights THAT flame
within ya chest
guarding it
with a bullet proof vest…
My hide-out vestibule
for blind love-fools
from cherub bows and arrows
and hollow tip travels
into the cores of
right and left ventricles
With shock absorbent forces
to absorb the clamorous stampede
of horses
who’ve trampled my heart
in previous affairs
with an
“I’ll always be there…”
type of sentiment

But you…you’re different
Cause you,
You make me feel a certain kinda way
You know, that certain kinda way when your glances
play tag…
that glance you get withdrawals from and fiend for
that glance that later develops into a stare
A stare…that’s always lingering
Cause regardless of your physical
there is no doubt
that you SEE me
You see me,
You know me,
You HOLD me with your gaze
speaking to me
at my dream’s peak
and as intimidatingly
as it may be

I want it…

That feeling
You know that feelin’
you be feelin’
when you’re feelin’ like ya illin’
like a group of children
who just
went in on
some sugary sweet
Sour Patch chilerrrins
So sweet, so so so sooo sweet
You’re gonna need
some new fillings
to bite, to suck, to lick, to fuck
to harness your inner smut…
that’s the other side of that certain kinda way feelin’
When the idea of his seminal seed
implants itself into your
bed of thought
to sprout various versions of perversions
adorned in thoughts of romance
holding hands
all that corny shit
that’s got you smitten,
off into an outer planetary trip
off endorphins
cause the horizons of bodies in different orbits
make me want to astral project myself
into your landscape’s orifices.
To learn the shadow of your eclipse
and experience the constellation of your
Big Dip-
and I’ll stay and get lost in you and you’ll get lost in me
just to come to realize that
as one
are universal consciousness in love

The beauty often lies in the shadows…
where the curves and dips lurk
awaiting the shadows of another

- © 2010 by Jessica Freites