Monday, February 20, 2012


Free Love.
Free it from your ego,
your ideals and expectations,
from society's ideal,
from the shit, the life-storm of shit,
or all the happiness you once knew and are dying to replace,
free it from that.
from all the hurt and pain,
from the future and the past.
Free it from your intentions,
positive and negative,
from your motives, ulterior especially,
Free it from the baggage of life.
Love with your spirit...
the heart and brain are too juvenile in their understanding
of something so...other-worldly.
Free it from your thoughts,
and free it from the word LOVE itself...
LOVE probably hates the sound of its own name.
Its so entrapped by false pretenses.
Man-made words cannot adequately describe something out of man's conceptual reach
Free it from your conditions, or standards.
It is THE ultimate condition.
There to condition US...not vice versa.
Let love condition you.
Free it from fear,
or hope,
your wants...and needs...
let its existence continue to boggle the mind and wound the heart
and let it do so most willingly
and don't try and understand it too much.
Just let it.
Because only in absolute freedom, will you know absolute truth
Will you really know LOVE least, this is what I tell myself.

(c) 2012 by Jessica Freites

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Normal is too Weird for You

What exactly is 'normal'? How does 'normal' exist?...I mean, if you take the infinite number of possibilities of situations, thoughts, objects, etc. that someone encounters in a lifetime and ask every human being on earth what they would consider 'normal' in each and every one of those situations, not one person's entire cumulative thought stream of 'normal' would be the same as another. So what fully encompassing definition of 'normal', what scientific measure, what mathematical standard, to what degree can we be justified in labeling something as 'normal?' It seems as if that question just happened to clearly answer itself.

(And for those of you going above and beyond the call of duty to make a calculated effort to be weird, unique, stand out as much as humanly possible for fear of blending in with 'normalcy'. You're far from abnormal...)

(c) 2012 by Jessica Freites