Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm Crazy...So Is Everyone Else

People are people are people are mortals are humans are earthlings are beings are homo sapiens are physical bodies…

possessed…enlightened…occupied…by something.


non-thing…that throws every-thing over that way…

and there and here and wayyyy over there to a place where comprehension often goes blind and madness has the potential to run so rampant that it runs away from itself…

(insert visual of humanoid hamster wheel here)

And we're all fucking crazy…

And we all think and yell and feel and cry and hurt ourselves (and others) and love and laugh and say

'What's wrong with me?!'


'What's wrong with you?!'

and there may not necessarily be anything 'wrong' at all.

Maybe it's different…just…different.

Or maybe it's not intentionally 'wrong'….

or maybe it is.

Or maybe it's the food we eat, the air we breathe, the 11 commercials that come on every 10 minutes, our parents, our neighborhood, that crazy mother fucker over there, the car accident, the abuse, your neighbors that won't stop fighting, the $10,000 medical bill you just got in the mail, the mental pollution that is the 'news', our landlord, our job, our goals, our choices, our wants, our false needs, society, our educational system, that person that broke your heart, or that person that never says thank you no matter how many times you open the door for them…maybe it's all of that…

and then some.

Or maybe…we forgot.

What felt 'right'…

(Ask yourself)

Maybe those things made us forget and maybe we just have to work on remembering…and maybe that's what will make you stop feeling like a lunatic or making others feel like lunatics.

And maybe the terms 'right' and 'wrong' have us eternally fighting against ourselves, within ourselves…

because now there is an 'enemy'

and maybe that enemy was just a figment of our blessedly powerful beautifully creative imaginations.

Oh balance…how I long for thee. 

Maybe we just strayed a little off that familiar dirt road…

soil rich of our thoughts, hopes, fears, desires…


forget about those things that have made you forget.

And just this moment

Feel the blades of grass on the tips of your toes.

The wind moves gently…press back upon it.

Eat the sun.

Align yourself with the stars.

They will always be there for you.

To guide you…back to your road.

We are cosmic dust.

There is no 'right' and 'wrong' in nature.  There is rapture from torment and beauty in death.

(An autumn leaf falls).

There is life…there is energy…there is creation…there is love…everywhere.

There is one.

We are but cells…

Feel your cells.  They move and dance as we generate 'wind' ...

We became crazy when we forgot the stars.

When we forgot that there are more than people and people and more people and mortals and humans and earthlings and beings and homo sapiens and physical bodies…filled with some-thing...out there.

And that we can laugh, cry, worry, live, torment, feel, experience love…

and be able to attempt to understand it…to identify it without trying to identify it…to feel it…to consciously project it…to set intentions…and fulfill them.  To have the choice to fulfill them…to have the choice to love…even in our darkest hours.

No-thing…can take that away from us.

We are not 'crazy'…in the conventional sense…we are longing…we are searching…we are feeling the forgetfulness that so often accompanies the human condition…and therefore separating ourselves from the love that is inherent within us.

That is denying your breath, your heart beat, your livelihood, that is denying yourself.  That is 'crazy'. And we all do it.  At some point.  To some degree.

We are all 'crazy'…because if we weren't...we wouldn't be human.

And that isn't necessarily a bad thing...

Just please, remember the stars and the grass, and the trees and the soil and heart beat and the breath…

Because you were blessed with the choice to do so.

(c) 2013 by Jessica Freites