Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Marrying Type

is a mess
an inner eccentric mess

The love of my life will be a madman of sorts....i met him...too bad he's damn near charging forth the gateways of insanity.

Living for PASSION! is going to be the death of me...oh well, death is guaranteed regardless.

Sex on skyscraper in the crevices of valleys of darkness. is one of my various meanings of life...all 'meanings' vary depending upon the time of day and day of the week though, naturally.

Now. Generally speaking, the sentiment and the scent of him are moreso more missed than the actual specimen of him...that usually goes for all of you, too.

vulgar...and soft...pull my hair..and gently press your lips on my cheek.

Not the relationship type...but soulmates for specific occasions are in high standing.

cold, often unfeeling, way too entirely giving and a hopeless romantic that falls face first in l - o -...infatuation.

Expert dater...horrified by dating...a great girlfriend...and refuses to acknowledge the concept of marrying...

i like boys I shouldn't...and could care less about the men i should.

At some point...i'll probably hate almost everything about him...but at least he'll stand out in a crowd...

There's something about the madness of it all...that makes me feel perfectly at ease. insanity.

shy...and aggressive. know what i hate, and have no idea what i want.

At what point does any of it ever really make sense?...i guess when posed in different lights reflecting off different mirrors in different rooms...of my mind.

don't even know if i want to be in love...just want to think i am.

Around once a week i come to the conclusion that i'm bi-polar..suffering from depression every other month...and overwhelmed with joy and blessings every 2-4 days.

A good eye fuck will increase your chances of me actually wanting to speak to you.

for me, letting go is as easy as pi or pie...varies in degree.

He needs to relish in book stores...and most likely has a criminal record...that he's not ashamed of. Hopefully it's for a non-violent crime.

frivolously attracted to most...could care about less...and in turn, not particularly inclined to any.

The art of objectifying men...occurs in my world.

not a bad person though...