Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chipped Nails & Class Struggles

Do you see this mockery??? What I speak of is the horrid chipped nail polish that my pinky is condemned to. Mind you this tragedy occurred only two days after my mani...but that's what you get for a $6 job right?? What's worse...the fact that I'm complaining about a $6 manicure to begin with. Ahhhh, Americans...the Koreans just can't get it right, can they!! ...I kiiiid, I, but really as the thought of annoyance spawned in my brain an immediate sense of guilt followed. Specifically for the fact there was a woman on the other end of that "class" table who's subjecting herself by caressing my worn cuticle ridden nailbeds with her worn, thought, work, and life burdened hands adorned in wrinkles and arthritic tendencies. Not to mention trying to find a way to make a facemask look fashionable, subjecting herself to a culmination of chemicals masked as self-esteem enhancers for the next round of hood divas...mind you it was a spot in Bushwick...

The every other corner nail spot...a place where stereotypes flourish, the hood enforces its monetary wastefulness, the false self-images of little girls everywhere spawn, immigrants live the "American Dream" and one can get a manicure for $6...but it'll only last for 2 days...

P.S. Yes, I was listening to K-os...very happy go-lucky mood I was in...and then...TRAGEDY STRUCK!


  1. i feel for you, actually not really but good luck next time.

  2. I don't know much about the nail game, but your pro's are ill.