Monday, February 1, 2010

The Illumination of Life

So anyone who knows me well enough, know that my relationship with my father has been a comical (like a dark comedy), painful, loving, fond, cold, awkward, distant, non-existent, existent one.

Once upon a time he painted...beautifully I might add. And after a few years of not really seeing him and barely speaking with him he showed me this..."The Illumination of Life."

For a seemingly non-spiritual, non-profound individual to make this piece with this message as the body, "Thanks for a gift that will spark up the light...,"well let's just say it resurfaces years of buried dialogue. Thank you Dad, guess we're not THAT different after all.

P.S. Women do really date "their fathers"


  1. Yes. My father is brash, arrogant, aggressive, charming, ostentatious, powerful, emotionally distant and simultaneously needy. I am doomed. Here's to breaking the habit.