Friday, January 29, 2010

Lady J's Personal Blogggery Promise

Yeah, so I've figured that I should prob update my blog more frequently and live up to my mental monkey clusterfuck testimonial. But before that there's a couple of guidelines...or should I say promises I make to you, the reader.

- This is the shit that enters my mind sporadically and on occasion follows no linear train of thought...well at least to you it won't.

- Don't expect me to update this ish on a daily basis. I WORK! you lazy like I said it's sporadic, and so are my "blogging moods"...whatever the hell those are.

- If you're entertained...GREAT!!!, if you're offended...stop being a cunt, and if you're inspired... I <3 you for <3'ing me.

- If you like what you see...spread the mo-fo word gawwwdbody!!!! know, like the hip hoppers say. "Tell a friend to tell a friend biiiiiitch"

- Oh and while you're wasting your life away on this here spaceship box, check out the otherrrr site I write for :) ...after you're done with that go get some fresh air.

Let the random shit storm start it's flooding!!

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