Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crashing Tides and the Spaceship Gypsy Junkie

Autumn has fallen...

The beauty of death...

And the rebirth of light...

I like to consider myself an Urban Non-Mad Nomad, Gypsy Gone...Right, Administrative Hustla, Life Experience Pack Rat doing my study abroad backpackin' across...NY.

(PEEP THE DUO, it'll make more sense -----> #1 & #2)

But baaaaasically, within a 5 month period I've rested my head in around 19 places, moved 3 times, "resided" in 4 boroughs, 5 cities & 2 countries (U.S. included), had 5 health problems spring up...& progressively heal up, been on 4 different meds, had 10 doctor appointments within 2 months, applied to around 90+ jobs (dead ass...counted the emails), had 17 job interviews, 7 for 1 position in particular, worked 2 temp jobs, 2 side jobs, 2 perm jobs, discovered and been reunited with with 13 family members residing in 5 different cities, lost "friends", gained more than friends and maintained ENOUGH sanity to write about it....EL...OH...LOL.

"Huh, word to mother, I'm dangerous. Crazier than a bag of fuckin' Angel Dust..."

Just in case you forgot...

Happy Errffffffday to me...and my Virgo brethren!!! (not my bday cake, sorry, not thaaaat cool)

Lived around these parts for a few months...gettin' my timeshare game on point.

Made a great friend in this charming gent (yes, that would be bird caca).

All Hallow's Eve

I <3>

This song...

this goes out to alllll the lovely gents out there...

Realized this...

Leads to my ideal...this...

NYC is a haven of compassion...

and Bangs doesn't love me as much as I love him (peep his comments)


The cats from MGMT like my shirt...


The path of living is on some dope skitzo shit
approached and flipped
into a battle of wits
with hidden agenda tricks full of covert operations and tactics
where the transitional final product is the immaculate gift
of the conception of one's


The trife life, basked in nebular limelights
where the enemy can't come to phase you since they're only dwellin' in
the 2nd dimension,
missed the last ride on the express time continuum

bobbin' n' weavin'
bobbbbbin' n' weavin'
bobbin' n' weaaaaavin'

tetanus infected
jagged wrenches
Constantly attacking your voice of reason
and then you could end up like me and...

Smiling and breathing and moving and healing
Keeping the faith and embracing your inner heathen

Collecting the the day in your memory banks
Psalms sung by sparrows and freedom chants

Navigatin' odyssies next door
Comforter sessions on the spaceship floor

Loathing mediocrity whores
Embracing simplicity...and escaping the bored

This is the LIFE...

Next day...

and those to follow...

Blang blang...

One mo' 'gain

Oh yeah, I failed to mention that I went to DR to celebrate Big Baby Jevus with the homie Rich.

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks...

Please note: my paleness, his Ed Hardy <3,>

and summore...

Tracy Morgan sighting...Dominican Lou is real.


Mad boats, mad close, no safety regulations...a good time!

Please read the fine print...

Sure, why not.

El Crew and life inspiration.

Johnny <3

Nah...we won't...

Bye bye.

Travel MUZAAAK...

DC babies for the Nu Jear.

On that note...GUBBBBNA!!!

Back to NY...New Year, new job, new crib, writing for THESE CATS , & a good amount of this...

Who knows, maybe I'll write more now that life is finding itself to be more stable these days...or, not. I'll just let the weird life shit keep doing what it does. So far so good.

Oh yeah...I want one.

And with that, remember..."Hey shuddy, you really looking' niiiiice..."

P.S. Today my boy gave me a taser...yay!

- © 2010 by Jessica Freites


  1. upliftin
    like paragliding
    during an australian sunset
    watchin a random act of kindness
    payed fwd
    reminiscin about your 1st luv
    like the summer of 69
    indulgin in ur favorite ice cream while
    approachin terminal velocity towards earth
    ah, back to the present moment
    thanks for the journey

  2. p.s. whoever wrote the 1st comment, i think i <3 you and i apologize for my delayed response back...i'm the re-re blogger who doesn't know how to check comment notifications.